Before switching to hated Student Information System ASPEN, Lincoln Sudbury Regional Highschool employed competitor “iPass”. iPass had a scheduling feature similar to early versions of LSToday that was widely used by students. When the school disabled iPass before the second semester of 2019, students faced difficulties navigating their schedules. Skyler Wiernik, founder of LSToday and then Lincoln Sudbury freshman, started work on what would become LSToday. He released the first version of LSToday August 25th of 2019. This was a very rudimentary version of the app, but received roughly 1,000 downloads by the end of September. Skyler continued to improve the app over his 4 years of highschool before establishing the LSToday Development Crew to maintain the app after his graduation.


LSToday is used by the majority of the student body to check their schedules, share information with friends, keep upto date on the latest information pertaining to the school, as well as to sign up for and request information about school events.

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